Innovative white layer improves efficiency of bifacial solar panels
Chemie, English, Duurzame energie, 2016, ECN, Schrijven
vrijdag, 24 juni 2016

peniksen paksunnos ECN White bifacialDutch energy research institute ECN has developed a new bifacial solar panel design with a white layer between and around the cells. These white bifacial solar panels show a 5% increase in energy yield with respect to bifacial panels with a glass back and show the same maximum power output as a monofacial module.

impotenca This newsitem was published on the ECN website on 16 June, 2016.

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"Good to hear what is out there"
NPC Highlights, English, 2012
vrijdag, 23 november 2012

nagy hímvessző

Many NPC projects are coming to an end. The PhD students involved are about to be released onto the career market. Many of them are not sure about what to do after their graduation, as became clear when the application was opened of the BioBusiness Summerschool 2012. The summerschool introduces the students to 'the business world of Life Sciences'. As many as 70 PhDs attended the week long summerschool in Amsterdam to hear about opportunities in large companies, the possibilities to start a business and to have opportunities to extend their network.


Computers and drug discovery
Publicaties, 2009, Life Sciences, Interface, English
woensdag, 11 maart 2009

http://abiti-da-sposo.it/ abiti-da-sposo Predicting biological activity of compounds accurately is of great importance in the development of new drugs. Not only bioinformatics methods are used to predict for example receptor interaction with a drug, but also cheminformatics methods to predict the possible toxicity of a potential drug molecule. Jeroen Kazius constructed extensive databases and designed new data mining methods which can more accurately predict such activities.

http://abiti-da-sposo.it/ this website  

A screening platform to understand energy metabolism
2009, Life Sciences, IOP Genomics, Farmacie, English
zondag, 01 februari 2009

visit Mitochondrial disorders are a group of serious, often fatal diseases. Due to a genetic defect, the powerhouses of our cells are unable to produce enough energy from food. The mechanisms are poorly understood, let alone a therapy being available for patients. Jan Smeitink works to understand the energy metabolism in mitochondria by setting up a screening platform. This platform should generate enough knowledge to influence the energy metabolism and eventually cure disorders associated with it.

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Selection makes a difference between success and failure
2008, Fotografie, Conceptuur, Farmacie, English, Schrijven
maandag, 01 december 2008

visit Jos Beijnen defends the ‘provocative statement’ that in oncology each patient has always received an individualized  treatment. But new discoveries make even further personalization possible. However, careful selection of patients plays a crucial role in personalized medicine, Beijnen argues.

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Dynamic software infrastructures for the life sciences
2008, Life Sciences, Interface, English
vrijdag, 01 augustus 2008

http://incontri-mature.it/ Vedere qui Imagine having to write fourty times less lines of code to produce software for your data analysis system. This is what informatician Morris Swertz from Groningen has accomplished with his Molgenis software generator. He recently received his PhD degree for his research.

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How big will their success be?
2007, Life Sciences, Conceptuur, Farmacie, English
maandag, 01 oktober 2007

http://it.adults-dating.com/ this website Monoclonal antibodies are the quickly rising stars of cancer therapeutics. One of the first fully human therapeutic antibodies is developed by the partly Dutch biotech company Genmab. The first trials with this therapeutic, HuMax-CD20, show amazing results against B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Genmabs EVP and CSO Jan van de Winkel is thrilled about the success. “I think this is one of the best examples of an academic concept taken to the clinic.”

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Challenges and trends in Industrial Pharmacy
2006, Boeken, Farmacie, English
dinsdag, 01 augustus 2006

http://no.adults-dating.com/ se her This Jubilee book "Challenges and trends in Industrial Pharmacy - was published on the occasion of 50 years of the Industrial Pharmacy Section of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).

BMedia compiled and edited all text and conducted interviews.


X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Studies on Nickel Catalysts for Epoxidation
2005, Chemie, Wetenschappelijke publicaties, English
woensdag, 04 mei 2005

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Studies on Nickel Catalysts for Epoxidation

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 44 (23), 8631-8640, (2005)

Martin C. Feiters, Gerald A. Metselaar, Bastienne B. Wentzel, Roeland J. M. Nolte, Serge Nikitenko, David C. Sherrington, Yves Joly, Grigory Yu. Smolentsev, Antonina N. Kravtsova, and Alexander V. Soldatov


Mechanistic Studies on the Mukaiyama Epoxidation
Chemie, Wetenschappelijke publicaties, English, 2004
dinsdag, 20 april 2004

Mechanistic Studies on the Mukaiyama Epoxidation

J. Org. Chem., 2004, 69 (10), 3453-3464

Bastienne B. Wentzel, Paul L. Alsters, Martinus C. Feiters, and Roeland J. M. Nolte


Aerobic epoxidation of alkenes using polymer-bound Mukaiyama catalysts
Chemie, Wetenschappelijke publicaties, English
maandag, 14 augustus 2000

Aerobic epoxidation of alkenes using polymer-bound Mukaiyama catalysts

J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. I (2000) 20, 3428-3431  

Bastienne B. Wentzel, Salla-M. Leinonen, Stephen Thomson, David C. Sherrington,
Martinus C. Feiters and Roeland J. M. Nolte


Mechanistic studies on the epoxidation of alkenes with molecular oxygen and aldehydes catalyzed by transition metal-beta-diketonate complexes.
Chemie, Wetenschappelijke publicaties, English
dinsdag, 10 februari 1998

Mechanistic studies on the epoxidation of alkenes with molecular oxygen and aldehydes catalyzed by transition metal-beta-diketonate complexes.

J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans. 1998, 2241-2246  

Bastienne B. Wentzel, Patricia A. Gosling, Martin C. Feiters and Roeland J. M. Nolte


The challenge to bring medicines to the market
Chemie, Fotografie, Farmacie, English, 2016, Schrijven
dinsdag, 01 maart 2016

IMM2015 Silvie MeeuwissenMany IMM graduates pursue a career in academia. But just as many of them venture out into an industrial career to contribute to the valorization of scientific research. Silvie Meeuwissen is one of those scientists. After a successful but fundamental PhD project she preferred the more applied research at ChemConnection, a contract research and manufacturing company. From the state of the art laboratory of the company in Oss she tells us why.

This interview appeared in the 2015 annual report of the Nijmegen Institute of Molecules and Materials (IMM).


The quest for a cure for mitochondrial diseases
2011, IOP Genomics, Farmacie, English
vrijdag, 01 april 2011

Jan Smeitink’s purpose in life is finding a cure for mitochondrial diseases. Every year he sees hundreds of children with genetic mitochondrial defects in his clinic. The majority of the kids do not live to be adults. The energy factories of their cells, the mitochondria, fail to produce enough energy for other cellular processes. The result is a plethora of multisystem diseases. The IOP Genomics project has resulted in the development of a high-throughput screening platform for live cells using state-of-the-art imaging techniques. Hundreds of potential drugs for mitochondrial disorders can be tested using this platform. In the near future, this will lead to a cure for some of the mitochondrial diseases.


Cell wall dynamics of Aspergillus Niger
2009, Life Sciences, IOP Genomics, Farmacie, English
zondag, 01 maart 2009

Aspergillus niger, well known as the fungus that produces black mold on old bread, forms an extended network of interconnected hyphae. This mycelium has an enormous capacity to secrete proteins and other compounds. Its productivity has led the food and pharmaceutical industry to use A. niger  as the preferred biological production factories for, among others, enzymes. New information about genetic signalling in the fungus cells has urged Marc van der Maarel to study the dynamics of the A. niger mycelium in more detail.


Why some people live longer than others
2009, Life Sciences, IOP Genomics, Farmacie, English
zondag, 01 februari 2009

Not all old people are equally old. That is, their chronological age – the number of years they have lived – is not the same as their biological age - their life expectancy and health. Some people appear to have a hereditary taint for longevity. By studying a large group of very old people, who are obviously protected from ageing and disease, researchers are trying to find these genetic variations and the biomarkers by which they are expressed.


Genome-wide approachtes towards identification of sucerptibility genes in complex diseases
2008, Life Sciences, Interface, English
maandag, 01 december 2008

For an increasing amount of disorders it is becoming clear that many genetic variants are involved. Finding these variants and the affected disease genes makes looking for a needle in a haystack seem like a walk in the park. Bioinformatician Lude Franke devised new statistical methods to identify such variants.


Dextran microspheres release proteins where and when needed
2007, Life Sciences, Conceptuur, Farmacie, English
maandag, 01 oktober 2007

A drug delivery system based on a dextran hydrogel is on the virge of commercialization. Prof.  Wim Hennink incorporates therapeutic proteins into dextran-based microspheres. These proteins are released by diffusion and degradation of the hydrogel. Timing of release is crucial and can be precisely tuned. Hennink has been working on this new system since the early nineties. The pharmaceutical company Octoplus is now ‘valorizing’ it by taking it to the clinic. “Valorisation is the translation step needed to go from academic concept to industrial product.”


Let food be thy medicine
2006, Life Sciences, Conceptuur, Farmacie, English
vrijdag, 01 september 2006

Two-thirds of all medicine has a background in food. Research at the interface between food and pharma is important, says Dr. Johan Garssen. In a strategic alliance between Numico Research and the UIPS in Utrecht he investigates the influence of certain oligosaccharides in breast milk on the immune system. These sugars act as prebiotics and in one trial reduced the incidence of allergy in babies by half. “This group of oligosaccharides is capable of much more than we ever imagined.”


Dutch genomics research in good position to prosper
2006, Chemie, Life Sciences, IOP Genomics, English
dinsdag, 01 augustus 2006

Prof. Dr. Arjen van Tunen stood at the cradle of the IOP Genomics programme at the dawn of the new millenium.  It was the first national Genomics research programme starting in the Netherlands. Van Tunen is content with the development of IOP Genomics since then, but urges the authorities to let go of traditional divisions: “THE industry and THE universities do not exist,” van Tunen says. “Knowledge providers such as Keygene are in between. They should be acknowledged better for their merits and opportunities.”


Truly a win-win project
2005, Life Sciences, IOP Genomics, English
zondag, 01 mei 2005

As one of two groups in the world scientists at the Hubrecht Laboratory succeeded to develop rat knock-outs.  “What these people in Utrecht have done is very special,” says Ruud Tegelenbosch of Noldus Information Technology, member of the industrial user group.  “These animal models are very valuable in understanding gene functions in human health and disease and may also be useful for drug design and testing.”


Catalytic Oxidations with Molecular Oxygen
Boeken, Wetenschappelijke publicaties, English, 2001
maandag, 19 maart 2001

push up 2 tabletki na powiekszenie biustu Bastienne Wentzel - Ph.D. Thesis


"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them." - Albert Einstein



N-Hydroxyphthalimide/Cobalt(II) Catalyzed Low Temperature Benzylic Oxidation Using Molecular Oxygen
Chemie, Wetenschappelijke publicaties, English
donderdag, 27 juli 2000

N-Hydroxyphthalimide/Cobalt(II) Catalyzed Low Temperature Benzylic Oxidation Using Molecular Oxygen

Tetrahedron 56 (39) 2000, 7797-7803  

Bastienne B. Wentzel, Maurice P. J. Donners, Paul L. Alsters, Martinus C. Feiters and
Roeland J. M. Nolte



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