Naked Pilot – Peter Renner
Bastienne Wentzel

"My name, Peter Renner, means Peter the runner. I was born Oberholzner but I adopted my wife's last name. People say it is an appropriate name for a hike&fly sportsman. I live in the German Alps near the Berchtesgaden nature reserve."
Photocredit: Agata Antonowicz.

"I started flying hang gliders in 1983. I flew competitions and an unofficial record flying a 140 km triangle. Then paragliding came around and I believed that I could easily do that too, being a hang glider pilot. I just bought one in 1985 and took off. I flew for years without a licence. In hindsight, this was so dangerous because hang gliding has nothing to do with paragliding. Now I have around 4000 flights on a paraglider, and I never had a problem.

Some years ago I noticed that paragliding equipment had become so much lighter. ...."

Read the full article in Cross Country magazine issue 206, December 2019.