Naked pilot: Robin Friess
Bastienne Wentzel

"I always knew I wanted to fly. My parents are both hang glider and paraglider pilots. We lived in Frankfurt in Germany and all our holidays were flying holidays. I first flew when I was six but my mother did not really want me to fly. She told me if I wanted to fly I would have to make my own money, so I delivered newspapers until I had enough. At 13 years old I did my first course in Wildschönau in Austria."

"We moved close to the Alps, to Rosenheim in Bavaria the year after, and I started to fly with the Chiemsee flying school. I spent all my free time there. Soon I was doing the glider checks repairs. When I was 18 I became an instructor, the youngest one at the time." the original article in Cross Country Magazine no 209, May 2020.

Photo credit: (c) Ewa Korneluk.