"No! No more stalls!", I yell at the GoPro camera on my knee. Flying out over the unrealistically blue sea near Ölüdeniz, the radio just came to life with the calm voice of instructor Jack Pimblett deep down below on the beach. "This flight, we are going to warm up with some tail slides, then we are going to practise spin appreciation."
More stalls? That was not what we agreed in the briefing! Long story short, I do the stalls, finally nail them and move on to spins, which I find much more difficult. Kudos to Jack for getting me to stall unannounced, as he says: "You never know when you will need it in real flying!" This course, even the acro part of it, connects every step to real life flying.

The full article was published in Cross Country magazine 228, April 2022.