Review: Swing Nyos 2 RS
Bastienne Wentzel

The Nyos 2 RS is an update of Swing's high-end EN-B. With four EN-B's, Swing is a steady contributor to the populair EN-B class. Erwin Voogt investigates how the Nyos 2 RS stands out from the crowd.

If you quickly suffer from stress of choice, buying a paraglider in the EN-B class is not an easy task. Almost all manufacturers have more than one EN-B in their product range, and most have more than two. Swing has four – or six, if you include the Apus RS and Apus Hike RS miniwings. Before we have a closer look at the new Nyos 2 RS, we asked Lars Pongs, sales manager at Swing, to guide us through their product range.

The full review was published in Cross Country magazine issue 236, January 2023.