The tightest acro season ever
Bastienne Wentzel

This year's acro competition scene was more exciting than ever. There was a change of competition rules for the better, a neck-and-neck battle between the two top pilots of the year: veteran Théo de Blic and upcoming star Luke de Weert and there was a good effort to make it all more accessible to the public. Here's an overview of the year through Luke's eyes.

This article was published in Cross Country magazine #246, December 2023.

Ölüdeniz, Turkey, late September 2023. The Acro World Tour Superfinal is coming to an end. The clouds come in around the Babadağ, the heralds of bad weather, seeing the top acro pilots of the world scurrying about nervously. Their take-off for the last run of the season will now be at only 1200 m instead of 1700 m, giving them less height to perform tricks. Their plans need to be adapted, shuffled, redesigned. It's a strategic puzzle to get the best scoring tricks in a flowing choreography to score the highest points from the jury down on the beach.
Just when only Luke de Weert, then in second place, and Théo de Blic are still waiting on launch, the sun peeks beneath the clouds lurking just above takeoff. While the sky turns a golden yellow, Luke gets ready while Théo waits for his turn and the two friends, teammates and rivals wish each other luck. "May the best win."

Read the full article in Cross Country magazine #246, December 2023.