Review Gin Evora
Bastienne Wentzel

The “easy B” class is crowded nowadays. New pilots and those who wish to fly for fun and keep things super simple often look for easy intermediates. Launched at the start of this year the Gin Evora is the latest member of this class. It is designed to be “undemanding for relatively inexperienced pilots, yet at the same time offer more than enough performance for the category” say Gin. To see what it has to offer I flew the Evora for a week in the fresh spring thermals at hotspot Bassano del Grappa in northern Italy.

First impressions
Unboxing the Evora the first thing that popped to mind was that it was a small package which didn’t feel heavy at all. The XS size I flew weighs 4.5kg, which is average for this class, but it doesn’t feel bulky. The range consists of six sizes covering all-up weights from 55 to 135kg.
The second thing I noticed was the refreshingly simple risers which still look and feel sporty. They are made of 12mm webbing with sturdy colour-coded hook-in loops. Optional is a “smart riser” with a C-steering control toggle and a Harken pulley, which the standard risers do not have. These are meant for pilots who want to progress towards flying on bar more and want to learn to use C-riser control.
The brake lines run smoothly through a ring rather than a pulley. The handles are the standard grey-and-red type with an inflexible bar sewn in. They are not huge for use with big gloves but they fit. They have no swivels to prevent twisting of the brake lines. This would usually require attention from the pilot to regularly untwist the brake lines, but I didn’t need to unwind them at all during the review period.
The full review was published in Cross Country magazine 240, June 2023 and online.